Patreon….what is that?

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a place where people that create content can be directly supported from their community. With videos on youtube or vimeo, blog posts on may different locations, podcasts on iTunes, or even information on their own website support.  It is an interesting concept and they take a hands off approach, unlike YouTube, with just requesting the creator label their content as “Mature.” If you are aware of Patreon and use it to support other creators, please consider supporting us if you like the value of our videos and blog posts. Here is a sample of what was recently shared on Patreon…

Where Have We Been?

I am glad to be back working on the website, posts, and videos. Being forced to take a break from producing content because my laptop died. I was unable to retrieve anything from the hard drive and the laptop was running too hot and really hurt the hardware. So, it was scrapped and all information was lost. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of content and information from that situation. It was a learning process on why to back up frequently and to verify your information was backed up.

After the laptop crash of 2018, I did not have the funds to get another one and my family was struggling financially. So, we made the choice that I would go to work. I took a position at a great place that was only for the summer. With that came a whole lot of hurdles and struggles that took up time and money delaying my laptop purchase. At the end of my season I had purchased a laptop and RAM to run the editing software I was using so I could get back into the videos. That didn’t happen right away. The season had a toll on me that I did not anticipate, from which I had to recover.

That brings us up to date, so…

Moving Forward

I am looking forward to getting back into my garage to shoot videos. If you have watched our videos you will see that there have been a few different set ups and “locations.” That is because we have moved a few times in the local area. I think that we are set in our current location, which will add some stability to the routine of videos and website articles.
So, thank you for reading all this and visiting the Integrity Armory Patreon page for more information. If you would like to contribute, thank you so very much. God bless.


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