Idaho Concealed Weapon Course

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Concealed Weapon Course

The Integrity Armory Idaho Concealed Weapon Course will provide clients with the Knowledge, Skills, and a description of the Attitude necessary to safely carry a concealed firearm in Idaho.

This course is eight hours in length, includes a qualification, and an Integrity Armory Certificate of completion.


Concealed Weapon Course

The Integrity Armory ID Concealed Weapon course will provide the client with a great deal of information. The saying, “Knowledge is power” definitely rings true with self defense.

Carry of Firearms

This course will cover a variety of firearm concealment options. Clients will experience concealment holsters and holster location. Each client will carry a concealed firearms and drawing them. Clients will address other options while carrying a firearm for self defense. Clients will do this because there is no way to understand concealed carry except to experience them first hand.


Each client will qualify with a pistol during the course. Qualification will be required for completion of the course. The qualification will consist of 50 rounds fired from various positions, ranges, and time limits to ensure the student is competent with a pistol.

Law Enforcement Interactions

The course will cover interactions with Law Enforcement while carrying a firearm. This is because Law Enforcement Officers will most likely know you are a licensee.

Public Safety Communications

The course will cover in detail how you should interact with 911 operators. There will be a lot of information to relay to the operator. This is needed because to get the proper response to your location, you need to present the information clearly.

Related Options

The course will include the discussion of other related courses, Traveling, the NRA, and Self Defense Insurance to include Second Call Defense.