New Website!

Our New Website!

We would like to welcome you to the new Integrity Armory website! We have been working hard making visiting the website an enjoyable experience. The new year has been about new beginnings for us at Integrity Armory and we want to bring  you the best that we can.

New Features

We will be implementing some new features on the website for your enjoyment and, hopefully, education. We will be publishing a post when the new features come online. Right now we will not let the cat out of the bag on what the new features are or when they are coming. You can sign up for email notifications here…

New Services

We will be offering some new services on the website! We have been working at getting the quality service to the services that we offer and we are looking forward to having those available to the North Idaho area.

New Training

We will be offering new training opportunities as well! We have been looking at different training options for some time now and we have some new courses in the works. Michael is still NRA Pistol Certified and some training is coming back to that area as well. Keep an eye out on the page, or sign up for emails on Products, Services and Training!

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