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Amazon Items!

This will be a reoccurring post with several items that I purchase from Amazon and why. If you are a fan of the content that we produce, please use the links during purchase to support us.

Mora Knife

Posted both the carbon steel and the stainless steel bladed Mora Knives. I, personally, have two carbon steel knives. I love them because they are super sharp and very handy. And, the molded handle here, I like better than the wood handle that I have on one of my knives. Great knife for a hunter, cook, or someone that enjoys a good fixed blade knife. And you cant beat the price either!


I have listed the Kydex in .060. I have chosen this because it is what I order for making holsters. It is long wearing yet has great molding, weight, and retention. I have even used this for belt straps! ( It worked for a whole year of daily wear!) I highly recommend this item from here because it is a great price for eight 12 inch by 12 inch sheets.

Note: There are several options on this page, but I choose the .060″ sheet in an eight pack for the value and durability of the item.

MagPul iPhone 6Plus Case (OD Green)

I have this very case for my phone! Why? Becasue I trust the MagPul design and durability! I ordered a case for my wife because she is HARD on phones. Hers has held back the cracks and dings (for the most part) for over a year now! (She previously went through 3 phones in a year!) I like MagPul for standing in what they believe in, design, quality, durability, and great colors too!

Amazon Support

I would like to thank you for using these links to support us through Amazon purchases. We are working hard to bring you the best content that I can muster. While trying to get you the value that I look for in the items that I use. I understand what it is like trying to budget a rifle build, truck, camping trip, project, reloading session, and more with no room for expense. So, I try to save you the time by letting you know what worked for me and where to get it cheap.

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