Springfield Armory XD-9 SubCompact

XD-9 SubCompact

Michael from Integrity Armory shows us his Springfield Armory XD-9 SubCompact pistol. He describes why he liked carrying this pistol for various reasons and a bit why he has a different carry pistol now.

Great Features

The XD-9 SubCompact has some great features that make carrying it very worth while. The tactile information of being loaded and cocked are a great asset. Because of the tactile functions you do not have to look for visual clues on your firearm. This keeps you free to look for threats.


Overall, this is a great firearm to carry every day or to have at home as a Home Defense firearm. Thank you for visiting us here at Integrity Armory, and we would love to hear what you think.

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  1. Thank you Mile, Now I know much more than I have ever waned to know about a XD-9. YOu explained it very well.

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