September Training



There is a change to some training dates to accommodate events that take priority over our training courses, like a friends wedding. We are holding the September 30th Course on October 7th now. Visit the Training Calendar for more information on scheduled courses.

September Training Schedule

This coming month we will be having a few NRA Basic Pistol Courses and a few training events where you can use barricades and more! September will be a great time to get out and enjoy the great outdoors and get some shooting in. The temperatures will be falling, as well as some rain (hopefully) to make the shooting just that much more fun.

NRA Basic Pistol Courses

We will have NRA Basic Pistol Courses on Sept. 3rd and Sept 30th if you are interested in getting an NRA Certified Pistol Course in this year. This is a great course for everyone! We have had students that are unfamiliar with pistols learn a lot and feel very comfortable with pistols by the end of the course. Also, seasoned shooters tell us that they have learned something new during the course that they never knew before! We are glad to share the love and knowledge of firearms with the community!

Other Events

We are looking to start shooting in a dynamic environment using moving and shooting techniques, drawing from holsters, and using barricades during live fire drills. Please contact for more information.

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