Hunting Season


Hunting is Here!

Are you as excited as I am for hunting season? I am looking at Turkey season right now with deer and elk seasons right around the corner. With that in mind there are a few things that we have to work on before we are ready for going out hunting. Are you there? Do you know what we have to prepare?

Safety First

Are you required to wear a specific color, usually orange, for hunting activities? I remember growing up and having the obligatory blaze orange that we had to wear. It was never the right size, but better safe than sorry right? My father, on the other hand, wore an old flannel that was grandfathered into the regulations to meet the requirements for wearing appropriate, state mandated hunting apparel. Either way, we should be aware of what we are shooting, and what is beyond. Don’t forget hunters safety here, it could be too costly.

More Safety

Do you carry a compass, first aid kit, canteen (camelback), matches, mirror, flares, emergency blanket, fire starting kit, phone, radio? There are as many different items as there are beliefs on what you should carry on a day to day basis. Everyone has their EDC, Every Day Carry, that they pack, but what is your day pack where you live? Think of the extra batteries you will need, also have you checked those batteries lately? Have you checked your matches lately?

Double Check

As a firearms instructor I am obligated to have certain things in bulk, hearing protection, shooting glasses, and the like. I recently was embarrassed, when shooting with friends, that I did not have my staple gun in my shooting bag to attach the targets to the stands. Do not think for one second that the items did not grow legs and walk away. Double check on the way out the door to make sure your pack is intact.


I make a plan of attack and stick to it. If there will be any changes, I make sure I have a response from my wife about my changes before I act on them. Not because she tells me what I can and can’t do, but that she knows where I will be and when I am expected home. Planning is vital to survive accidents. We do not plan for accidents, but they do happen.

Have Fun

Know what your plan is but get out in the field and enjoy it. I love getting into the woods and hunting. But, I realized that I was time-framing my hunting, so I was rushed all the time. That was not enjoyable hunting. When I opened my schedule, or set realistic goals, I enjoyed my hunting a lot more. Don’t get too wrapped up in taking an animal that you forget to enjoy the trip to that trophy.

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