Las Vegas Tragedy

Las Vegas Tragedy

This past Sunday was a horrific event in the tragedy that occurred in the Route 91 Harvest Festival. We all have little information as to who the shooter was and why he perpetrated such a crime.

Mass Media Hype

In the rush to get their stories out the mass media has been replete with bad information. This extenuated the problem when people take those stories and rely on them to make judgements. There are a bevy of “reports” that state there were multiple guns firing, or more than one shooter. There are multiple reports of shots fired at other hotels or venues. With more still about other aspects of the incident that have proven false.

What does that tell us?

What we need to learn from all the hype over such an influx of information that proves to be false, including the mass media, is that we need to wait on making conclusions until we have all the information.

Keep in mind the old saying, “Knowledge is power.” We do not have the knowledge of what happened and we are giving away the power of judgement to the media outlets when we rely on them to give us the information. Do not let them write the narrative.

Reliable Sources

Where should we get our information on what happened? The law enforcement that is handling the investigation. It is plain and simple. If you only take what they provide for information, which is factually based, then you can make reasoned arguments and start forming conclusions.

All these places showing videos from the event do nothing to give us a whole picture of what the incident was like. The people that were there experienced “the fog of war.” The videos that they took are just a small glimpse as to what they went through. The information from those videos is not the whole story. Do not believe anyone that shows you a 15 second clip and says, “this proves there were multiple gunmen!”

Law Enforcement Briefings

Listen to what the Sheriff, Chief of Police, or their Representatives TO the media have to say and go from there. They are looking at all the videos, talking to all the witnesses, watching surveillance video we will never see, because they have to tie the whole thing together. From the second the shooter walked on camera to the second the swat team breached the door will be watched. All that will be watched by multiple law enforcement officials, over and over and over and over. Until they can piece together an EXACT timeline of events. Then you will get the Who, what, when, how and where of what happened at the Mandalay Bay and Route 91.

Only Conclusions so far?

Many people were shot, injured, and killed. This is a tragedy and we have to do what we can for the victims right now. Donate blood, donate money, donate time to help those afflicted. We have to wait on the information to be pieced together and understand, we may never know the “WHY.”

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