TriStar KRX Tactical Assembly/Disassembly

TriStar KRX Tactical

KRX Assembly/Disassembly

First, I want to say thank you for your patience in the videos. This one has been a long time coming, but it worked out. I was able to get a good amount of rounds through the shotgun for this part of the review. Click here to see the first KRX article.

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The disassembly is rather straight forward and very intuitive.

  • You remove the front sight post and carrying handle with integrated rear sight.
  • Then, you remove the first of two barrel nuts retaining the hand guard. The hand guard slides off to reveal the second barrel nut, which screws off the same location as the first.
  • This loosens the barrel with integrated gas block. There is a sleeve that must stay with the gas block, be sure to retain it in the proper location. The bolt may have to be depressed to ease removal of the barrel.
  • With the barrel removed it is time to remove the guide rod, spring, and bolt. To do this you will need to remove the charging handle. Again, depress the bolt by pressing the guide rod to the rear while holding the bolt to the front. This lines up the keyway of the bolt and guide rod to remove the charging handle.
  • Then, slide the takedown pin down from the receiver and remove the guide rod, spring, and bolt.

This concludes the disassembly of the shotgun to facilitate cleaning. Assembly is the reverse of disassembly, with the same observances to align the parts for disassembly/assembly.

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