Starting with a BANG!


2019 has started with a BANG! I have already hosted and NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course in the new year. Yes, already have a course under the belt for this year, with three more to come this month!

The Plan

I plan to keep the year going by offering courses every month, but we will see how this works when the summer hits. There are a few factors that come into play, my wife’s intense school schedule, my kids being home for the summer, and my work load at my seasonal position. I can work around almost all of these to offer courses, but it may mean some courses have to take place over two days.

Adding Courses

I will also be adding additional NRA courses, with a bang, this spring to offer this summer. The expected courses to add will be NRA Rifle Basics, NRA Shotgun Basics, and NRA Range Safety. There may be an opportunity to become an IDPA Range Safety Officer, but I am unsure if that will materialize before the busy season.

New Range Coming!

I am excited to see the new Wrenco Range coming to Ponderay this year. They still have a long way to go and I will be looking to get more information from the owner on the possibility of courses there and range use. Stay tuned for more information.

NRA Membership

I also want to take the time to remind everyone that it is still important to be a member of the NRA or another Firearm Rights Organization. A lot of people put down the NRA but I have seen them step up when the going got tough and help fight those looking to restrict rights and force laws on citizens. I have also seen the NRA give free training to law enforcement officers, schools free evaluations for safety, and grants to youth programs that support firearms education and safety. I am a lifetime member, pending a few more payments, and gladly support them in my community, state, and nation. If you are interested, Sign Up Now!

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