Friends of the NRA

What is the Friends of the NRA?

The Friends of the NRA, FNRA, are a nonprofit organization that holds events around the county, broken down by state, to raise money for shooting education, grants, and to further the shooting sports in our communities.

Who is the FNRA?

The people involved are members of our communities that want children to be educated in firearms safety, promote hunters safety, improve shooting facilities in the community, and provide for firearms education activities. These people are doctors, lawyers, law enforcement officers, board members, business owners, and more.

What happens at a FNRA Event?

  • First, guests sign in at the door to get their dinner tickets, raffle vouchers, and entered into the event.
  • Next is a gathering time for looking at the raffle items, live and silent auction items, and speaking with the fellow dinner attendees.
  • Then, the Host starts off the event with the US Flag ceremony, a prayer, and begin the nights festivities of games, silent auction reminders, live auction bidding, raffles, and drawings.

Where are the FNRA Events?

FNRA events are located at the Friends of the NRA website, where a search by area is available. This will show a list of locations, dates, and times of events in your area. If you do not see one in your area, it may have just completed. You can attend another one or contact the local rep to see when the next event is in your area.

Live in North Idaho?

Above is the flyer to the Sandpoint Friends of the NRA event March 2nd, 2019. To purchase tickets print, complete the flyer, and mail to the address listed. Or contact me here to learn more about the event or volunteer. I hope to see you there!

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