Fall 2019 Training Schedule

Fall 2019

We have set our Fall 2019 schedule! Our NRA Basic Pistol and NRA CCW courses are the foundation of training this fall. Also included are courses for Home Firearm Safety a Pistol Marksmanship Simulator!

Are you looking for a NRA Basic Pistol Course? We have you covered! A great place to get started is our NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. This course covers the fundamentals of pistol shooting. Because we all need to know the foundation of shooting accurately. It grows from there, also covering pistol selection, cleaning, and more!

We have you covered this fall. We even have simulator training to refine your fundamentals. What is simulator training? We use a SIRT pistol, which only has a laser, to help you build repetitions of pistol fundamentals. Because you are able to “shoot” a great deal quickly without spending a lot on ammunition, you can build skills faster and cheaper.

How about a NRA CCW course for your carry license? We offer the NRA CCW course, which can be tailored to fit your states requirements. We have several offerings of this course to meet your needs. If you need a certification course, because you are well versed in shooting? We have you covered. If you need to learn how to carry a pistol because you have never carried one daily before. We have you covered for fall 2019!

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