TriStar KRX Tactical Magazine Testing

magazine testing

A while ago a question was posed to me, “Will MKA 1919 magazines work in the KRX Tactical?” I did not know the answer. I did a lot of research with no information to show that it did, or did not work. So, I had some magazine testing to do.

I purchased a magazine that was Made in Turkey and marked “MKA” as in the MKA 1919 shotgun. It was substantially similar to the TriStar magazine, but with an orange follower. Then, I promptly lost the magazine in a move. So, I purchased a ProMag MKA 1919 10 Round magazine.

I busted out my camera, 12 gauge shells, and went to recording. Unfortunately, I was unable to record any video that was useful, until recently.

In the following video, you can see the TriStar KRX Tactical shooting from the stock magazine, the first aftermarket 1919 magazine, and the ProMag MKA 1919 10 round magazine smoothly. I found that the ProMag had some hiccups when fully loaded, but I expect that was due to it being a new mag that wasn’t broken in yet. So, the magazine testing was successful in showing that a TriStar KRX Tactical will use MKA 1919 magazines.

Magazine Testing MKA 1919 magazines in a TriStar KRX Tactical

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