Fall 2020

Fall Path

This has been quite a year so far. We hope you are doing well despite the crazy this year has brought on.

We wanted to throw out an update for the training that we are continuing so far this year. We are blessed to live in a place that hasn’t lost their minds over “The Virus!” With that, we are still having classes for our clients, and have added more opportunities!

I will have an update soon about brining on a new instructor. So far, he has been doing our Idaho Enhanced Legal instruction to meet the requirements of the Idaho State Law. We are working to get him worked in to our training calendar, and maybe offer new options with his background.

As a reminder, don’t forget to get your hunting rig ready. Think about weather, clothing requirements, ammunition, and maintenance on your hunting pistol and rifle to be sure it is ready to go….if you need it. Stay safe out there and good luck!

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