March 2022

This sure has been quite a year so far. We have had the war between Russia and Ukraine, the BATFE decide that homemade suppressors are bad, we had a great event at the Sandpoint Friends of the NRA & Gun N Horn show…


Now that it is officially spring, we will have people out shooting a lot more as more ammunition becomes available. We would remind you that the fundamentals of shooting is a diminishing skill and to keep up practice either with live rounds, dry fire training, or using a simulator of some sort.

Where to shoot in North Idaho

There are several options that are open or will open soon. In Sandpoint there is the Leo Hadley Range run by the Bonner County Sportsmen. Near Athol there is the Farragut Public Shooting Range operated by Idaho Fish and Game. Fernan has a great place to shoot with the Fernan Rod & Gun Club, for full access a membership is required, but they do have public range days. All ranges listed have their own rules, please visit their respective websites for more information.

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