Michael Willett
Lead Instructor

A born leader, Michael's skills include extended coffee breaks, the art of bs, and shooting all types of firearms with exquisite accuracy. NRA Certified Instructor, NRA # 201271071

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John Givens
Senior Instructor

John spends his days napping and dreaming of nabbing the best spot on the lake. We think he's on to something, now if he would only bring us too. NRA Certified Instructor, NRA # 175108392

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Adam Reynolds
Technical Advisor

Adam is a wealth of knowledge, despite none of it being relevant. He is a wonderkid at doing things and stuff, which he brings to the table.

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The folks here at Integrity Armory are passionate about firearms and pushing it to the limits both in terms of knowledge and use. While we like to be on the cutting edge, we believe there is a difference between trend and innovation and that it’s our job to figure out which is which. Instead of creating just another firearm training, we set out to do something different, and we think you’ll agree that we did just that. Allow us to introduce you to Integrity Armory firearm education. If you couldn't tell by now, we like to have fun.

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