Targets can vary from basic paper to shapes that ooze when you shoot them or even explode, our favorite. We have used, and like, all kinds. We offer many different types, some of them free, for you to choose from for your shooting needs.

NRA Targets

We have a few NRA style options from which to choose. We have even put the time and effort in to make a free, downloadable and printable document for the Winchester/NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program. This is helpful to have a free option to shoot your qualifications on and to get you familiarized in some shooting competition. What better can you ask for than free?

Steel Targets

We are working with a local provider in getting some steel for our clients. Things are still in the development stages but we are hoping to have them available soon. Steel is useful because all you have to do is repaint it for use.

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