Idaho Enhanced NRA CCW Course


The Integrity Armory NRA CCW Idaho Enhanced Course exceeds the State of Idaho requirements for the Idaho Enhanced license. This is a NRA Certified Course with a 100 round qualification from a concealed holster with magazine changes. We will supply the knowledge, introduce you to the skills, and show the attitude necessary to carry a concealed firearm for self defense.

We hold our CCW Course the last Saturday of every month, please select your month when ordering.

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Idaho Enhanced NRA CCW Course

Integrity Armory is hosting this NRA CCW Course. There are several option for the NRA CCW Course, but certification course for Idaho, we chose to go with the modules Firearm Safety, Mindset, Drawing from a Holster, Awareness, and Basic Defensive Skills. This is done to ensure the Client gets the training required. This course will also have the NRA CCW Course of Fire as well. It is a State requirement and we feel it necessary to impart the Client with an understanding of Defensive shooting. The Course of Fire will exceed State of Idaho standards.

This course is tailored to Idaho requirements, but if you are looking for a course that is tailored to another states requirements, we can do that too, please contact us through the website, email, or phone (208)996-3486, and we would be happy to assist you in your training needs.

The NRA CCW course is designed to meet the requirements of all the different states. In it, the course covers 10 different classroom lessons and can range from 1 to 16 hours. If necessary to meet requirements, a qualification course of fire may also be administered.

The course goal is to teach the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to carry a concealed pistol for personal protection.