NRA Basics of Rifle Shooting Course


The NRA Basic Rifle Course is great at introducing individuals to rifles. You learn about the parts, safety, and function of rifles. Then you move on to the fundamentals of shooting a rifle and learn about different stances as well. This course does meet the requirements for ID, MT, and WA concealed carry license/permit applications.

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NRA Basic Rifle Course

The NRA Basic Rifle Course is a great starting point for an individual that is new to handguns. This course covers the basics of handgun use. The NRA Basic Rifle course will teach you the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary for safe, accurate use of a rifle.


This course covers a great deal of rifle knowledge that is required for the safe use of rifles. There will also be a great deal of knowledge about the fundamentals of rifle shooting to provide for shooting accuracy.


The fundamentals of shooting are skills that you will learn to shoot accurately while being safe.


The attitude of the individual is important in the safe use of rifles. While one may have the knowledge and skills of firearm use, one needs to have the attitude of safety to truly be safe with a rifle.

Idaho Concealed Weapon Requirements

This course fulfills the requirements for the Idaho Concealed Weapon License, as well as most states requirements for obtaining a license. For more on Idaho Concealed Weapon License information, please visit the Idaho State Police CWL website.